What is CSShole?
CSS Hole tests what is possible without JavaScript
Replacing javascript with CSS makes some elements slow (Firefox seems to work much better than other browsers).
by mimicing interaction with just HTML and CSS. Our docs have a bit more info or read blog posts about CSS based web development from Triplelog, my parent site.
Choose a difficulty level:
Easy Medium Hard Expert
Or play our Sudoku of the day.
For more of a challenge, try Sudoku Farm.
  • Play an almost full-featured game of chess against yourself or a friend on the same computer.
  • Challenge yourself with some puzzles.
  • Test your knowledge of Trigonometric values.
Sortable stats for each MLB season since 1871.
Sort Wikipedia pageviews by country, filter postfixed expressions, or paginate near-earth objects.
Create electoral college maps or merge some states together.